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The decision to work out the project «St.Petersburg — the Sea Capital of Russia» was made at the 7th conference of the Political party «United Russia» in December, 2006. A. N. Chilingarov, a member of the Bureau of Supreme board of the party «United Russia», a special representative of the President of the Russian Federation in international co-operation in the Arctic and the Antarctic, an outstanding Russian oceanologist, Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of the Russian Federation, a Doctor of Geographic Sciences, a Corresponding Member of RAS, was appointed coordinator of the project.

On February, 12 in 2007 at the conference «Legislative security of development of the port-industrial complex of the Gulf of Finland» the project was presented to the general public by the Chairman of the State Duma  B. V. Gryzlov.

Aims of the Project:

  • Transformation of the Russian sea transport system into an effective, highly profitable branch, which would meet international standards in organizational and technical respects;
  • Providing export of transport services;
  • Development of a supporting network of inland waterways and increasing of their carrying capacity, safety support of the inland waterways;
  • Reconstruction of the system of professional education in the transport sphere, broadening, improving and consolidating of the material, technical and scholastic base of all units of education;
  • Development of the shipbuilding branch;
  • Working out measures aimed at improving the ecological situation in big and port cities;
  • Development of the sea and river tourism on the territory of Russia.

For managing the project, the working group and expert board were established. The latter included representatives of federal body of legislature and executive power, Administration and Legislative Assembly of sea and river regions of Russia, representatives of transport, shipbuilding and other enterprises, educational institutions, sea and river associations and representatives of Science.

On November, 15 in 2007 during a conference «About the course of realization of the project «St.Petersburg — the Sea Capital if Russia», headed by B.V.Gryzlov, the chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the 5th convocation, and Saint Petersburg governor V. I. Matvienko, it was decided to hold conferences in various courses of marine activities, within the framework of the project.

Since 2008 annual conferences on the topics «Transport-transit potential» and «Manpower policy» have been held within the framework of the project. In July, 2009 the First international conference dedicated to the development of the sea and river tourism «St.Petersburg — the Sea Capital of Russia. Sea tourism» took place.

21.01.2015 Sergey Ten, State Duma member, was appointed on a post of head of the “Transport and Transit potential” direction.

23.01.2015 Anatoly Vyborny, State Duma member, was appointed on a post of head of the “Transport safety” direction
Nowadays the candidature of the head of “Sea Tourism” direction is being considered.

The conferences have become an effective ground for All-Russian discussion and taking of important policy decisions in the fields connected with development of the sea potential of the country.



"St.Petersburg – the Sea Capital of Russia" Project Coordinator, social and political activist

"Project "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia" has its roots in February 2007, and during these five years project has grown considerably - both in scale and importance of raised topics and in number of participants. Every year the number of delegates from the Russian regions is becoming more and more, and in the process of preparation of the resolution that is the result of the conference, we hear the voice of the regions louder and louder. And it’s rightly so! No one but the residents of the region can talk about their problems and how they see their decision better. And on our part we must be prepared to listen to them and to create conditions for fruitful collaboration.

That is why the Project "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia" is really ALL-RUSSIAN. Regional coordinators will allow us to be well-informed about the most pressing issues of the region and will help to ensure that the decisions taken in the resolution would be implemented. After all, this is the main goal of the Project".



The Deputy Chairman of Federation Council Committee for Economic Policy,
"St.Petersburg – the Sea Capital of Russia" Project Manager

"In 2007, the Project was conceived to develop the sea port of St. Petersburg, as for the development of our city fleet is paramount. St. Petersburg has played a key role in the development of Russia as a naval power and it shall continue to be the sea capital of our country. But the development of a transport hub in isolation from the development of the transport system of Russia is impossible. Therefore, the Project immediately went beyond the regional themes.

Since 2008, within the framework of the Project five annual conferences with international participation on the most topical issues of port infrastructure development and shipbuilding industry in Russia, environmental safety of sea activities, formation of personnel potential of the Russian fleet, and development of water tourism have been held. 

Here in St. Petersburg on the discussion platform of the Project heads of the regional executive and legislative authorities, representatives of regional companies and trade associations of more than 30 subjects of Russia are involved in the preparation of proposals for solving the existing problems in the transport sector and to make adjustments to the work of governments at federal, regional and local levels. Creation of the Project offices in the regions where the economy and welfare of people directly depend on the efficient use of water resources will specifically develop regional initiatives in the field of sea and river transport, shipbuilding, and the effective development of coastal areas and tourism development".



Member of the State Duma Committee on Energy, the Deputy Coordinator of the Project "Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia"



Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environmental Management and Ecology, the Head of the "Ecology" Direction of the Project "Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia"



Member of State Duma committee on safety and anti-corruption enforcement, the Head of the "Transport Security" Direction of the Project "Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia"



Vice-chairman of the State Duma transport committee, head of the department "Transport and transit potential" of the Project "Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia"





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