GlobalPORT-2016 "St-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia. Transport and transit potential"

IX International Forum "Transport and Transit Potential"

On 21st- 22nd of September, 2016 as the part of the Project "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia" of the Party "UNITED RUSSIA" the IX International Forum "Transport and Transit Potential" will be held in St. Petersburg. The Forum's goal is to develop effective solutions for improving the competitiveness of Russian transport system in accordance with the requirements of the modern economy and the international transport market of services.

Forum will be held with the support of the Federation Council of the RF Federal Assembly, the State Duma of the RF Federal Assembly, with the participation of top officials of the Transport Ministry and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, relevant federal agencies and departments that develop and implement the state policy in the sphere of transport.

It is expected that in 2016 the event will be attended by over 500 delegates from 50 Russian regions and 10 foreign countries.

The Forum provides business and exhibition programs.

Business program of the Forum will be devoted to issues of public policy and legal regulation of the transport industry, the implementation of the control and surveillance activities, the realization of major projects in the sphere of transport and infrastructure, the topical issues of customs, tariff and tax policies, improvement of the transportation process, public-private partnerships and increasing of the investment attractiveness of the transport industry.

Along with the business program will host an Exhibition which will showcase the leading companies of the transport sector providing logistics, customs, consulting, financial and investment services; the developers of high-tech products for the transport industry and manufacturers of components and vehicles. In a special section of the exhibition the exposition of the RF subjects realizing the significant transportation and infrastructure projects will be presented.

The main outcome of the Forum will be a Resolution with the suggestions and recommendations reflecting the views of the participants on the key aspects of the Russian transport system development. The document will be presented for consideration by the relevant committees of the Upper and Lower Chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, ministries and departments in order to improve state policy and normative legal regulation of cargo transportation market in Russia.

Companies providing transportation and logistics services, transport infrastructure entities, representatives of transport engineering industry; financial, legal and consulting companies; educational, scientific and non-profit organizations are invited to participate.

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