The following conferences will be held within the framework of the Project Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia in2015-2016:

Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia. Transport and Transit Potential/ October, 2015

Elaboration of measures to resolve the problems of transport and transit sector of the country and develop Russian and international transport and logistics industry: integration of the country into the international transport system, aspects of the custom policy of Russia, attraction of investments into the transport sector, tendencies of development of sea, river and rail transport market, the concept of natural regulation of motor transport activity, cargo insurance.

Saint-Petersburg the Sea Capital of Russia. Sea Tourism/October, 2015

Solution of the problems of sea and river cruises, ferry communications and yacht-boat tourism in the regions: the development of tourist and related transport infrastructure, the prospects for the modernization of civil shipbuilding, the implementation of the recreational potential of Russian regions.

Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia. Manpower Policy/ November, 2015

Improvement of the system of staffing of the Russian transport sector: interaction of educational institutions and industrial organizations, preservation and enhancement of vocational and technical education systems, the problems of retraining and skill improvement of staff, implementation of innovations in the educational process, issues of employment and social support of manpower.

Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia. Ecology/ February, 2016

Discussion and elaboration of measures to resolve environmental problems of water resources: environmental condition of the Russian seas and rivers, the governmental water control, cross-border cooperation, wastewater treatment, environment of ports, environmental literacy of governmental and commercial organizations of transportation and industrial sectors.

Saint-Petersburg the Sea Capital of Russia. Transport Security/March, 2016

Drawing of attention of the branch to the issues of increasing of the transport security level: legislative support of the transport security system, working out and introduction of innovative technologies for transport protection andprotection of the transport infrastructure objects from unlawful acts.

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