On the 1st of July, 2011 "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia" Project has entered a new phase in its development. Project Coordinator Artur Chilingarov and Project Manager Vadim Tulpanov announced the appointment of regional coordinators of the Project "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia".

The Regional Coordinator will represent the Project "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia" in the regions. This means that the goals and objectives of the project at the federal level will be achieved by regional coordinators in each region and in view of region specific.

The introduction of regional coordinators is a considered decision that will ensure effective cooperation and collaboration between federal and regional levels of the Project. Due to regional coordinators the project will receive current and the most complete information about the region, its problems and prospects.

Through the institution of the regional coordinators it will be able to use the extensive experience of the Project for the benefit of each individual region. The creation of a system of regional coordinators will build an effective system of cooperation between the federal leadership of the Project - Project Coordinator Artur Chilingarov, Project Manager Vadim Tulpanov and regional coordinators. Such a system of interaction will be the key to solutions of regional problems.

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