GlobalPORT-2014 St.Petersburg the Sea Capital of RUSSIA. Sea Tourism

The VI International Forum Saint-Petersburg the sea capital of Russia.
Sea Tourism
June 26-27, 2014, Saint-Petersburg

On June 26-27, 2014 the VI International Forum Sea Tourism took place within the UNITED RUSSIA Party Project Saint-Petersburg the sea capital of Russia. The event was the mean of communication between the government and society consolidating the feedback that is necessary for the improvement of the state policy in the sphere of the sea tourism.
For 6 years on the Forum the latest problems of all kinds of the sea tourism (ferry, cruise, yacht and boat) are discussed, their solutions are being found; the partnership links are created and developed. It is the main event in this sphere at the federal level.
Taking into account that the current year is declared as The Year of Culture in Russia, the emphasis in the programme will be directed to the cultural wealth and attraction of cities and regions situated on the sea and river coasts, for cruise tourists and ways of cooperation between organizations and cruise travel companies in the cultural sphere. The most important attention will be paid to Sochi and the Republic of Crimea as the future cruise destination.
The main questions for the discussion on the Forum will be:
the state policy in the sphere of the cruise and yacht tourism development
the international and interregional cooperation in the sphere of the water tourism
the upgrading of the investment potential of the water tourism
the development of infrastructure for the water tourism
engineering and modernization of the passenger fleet
the water tourism security
the service improving in the water tourism
the ways of the cruise and yacht tourism promotion
The Forum Sea Tourismwas held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Federal Tourism Agency, Federal Marine and River Transport Agency and other specialized ministries and administrations and also the regional authorities of the Russian Federation for whom the water tourism is important. In the traditionally event more than 300 participants from 40 regions of Russia and 10 countries near and far abroad take part.
The Forum will be resulted in the resolution with proposals and recommendations which will be directed to the profile committees of the Upper and Lower Chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, ministries and administrations, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in order to improve the legislative base and government control in the sphere of the water tourism.
Taking into account the urgent character of the discussed topics travel companies of the sea and river cruises, ship owners, ship builders, yacht clubs, finance and consulting companies, banks, sea and river passenger ports, building companies, project institutes, producers of navigation equipment, operators of satellite transmission for sea and river vessels, consulting and marketing agencieswere invited for the participation.

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