Address to the participants

Artur Nikolaevich Chilingarov

Coordinator of the Project
Saint-Petersburg the Sea Capital of RUSSIA
Member of the Supreme Council' Bureau of the Party UNITED RUSSIA
First deputy chief of the faction UNITED RUSSIA
in the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the 5th convocation


Dear Colleagues!

The level of tourism branch is not only an indication of social-economic success of the country but also a sufficient mechanism for realization of national interests. For its development an effective operation of all transport system branches of the country is needed, including sea and river transport. Our country in this sphere has a great potential and development opportunities, but unfortunately they are little used at the present moment.

In this connection creation in Russia of highly developed passenger carriage system, tourism-recreation areas of modern world standards is the main direction for tourism industry development. Its formation demands active participation and efficient cooperation of authorities and business.

Specialists of the branch by present time face such problems as development and implementation of normative-legal base in the water tourism sphere, renewal and modernization of civil shipbuilding in Russian Federation, development of cruise and other types of water tourism, creation of modern coastal infrastructure at subjects of the Russian Federation.

Representatives of Russian tourism infrastructure will start discussing these issues and elaborating solutions for the branch development at the II International conference St. Petersburg the sea capital of Russia. Sea tourism. Besides the above mentioned issues participants are going to pay attention at perspectives of interstate cooperation and integration of Russia into global sea and river navigation market, realization of strategic investment projects, development of regional tourism infrastructures.

I invite you to take an active part in the II International conference St. Petersburg the sea capital of Russia. Sea tourism!


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