GlobalPORT-2015 "St-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia. Transport and transit potential"

The VIII International Forum “Transport and Transit Potential”


October 1-2, 2015 the VIII International Forum “Transport and Transit Potential” will take place in St-Petersburg under the United Russia party project “Saint-Petersburg – the sea capital of Russia”. The aim of the forum is to elaborate and implement measures designed to advance and improve efficiency of Russian transport system.
Topics for the discussion:
- State policy and statutory regulation of transport complex of the Russian Federation: development, international cooperation and integration
- Optimization and market development in sphere of railroad freight traffic
- Mechanisms of sea and river freighting effectivization
- Arrangement of favorable conditions for sea and river cargo market development
- Effective logistics of outsize loads transportation
- Modernization and infrastructural development of Russian integrated transport system
- Sate policy and law enforcement practice of customs legislation in time of international economic activity
- Public private partnership in transport sector and improvement of investment attractiveness of Russian transport complex
- Anti-crisis logistics and effectiveness of logistic schemes in complicated economy conditions
- Effective coordination of different types of transport in time of joint traffic

- Government of the RF
- Relevant ministries and establishments of the federal level
- Relevant ministries and establishments of the Russian regions
- Freight owners
- Transport companies
- Financial institutions
- Non-commercial organizations
- Forwarding agents
- Insurance companies
- Leasing companies and banks
- Logistic companies
- Customs brokers
- Shipping companies
- Ports
- Consulting companies

- Logistic companies
- Customs brokers
- Developers of high-technology products for the transport sector
- Consulting companies
- Financial institutions
- Producers of components and modes of transport

More than 600 representatives of local authorities, commercial and non-commercial organizations from 50 Russian regions and 10 foreign countries are expected to participate.
The main result of the event will be a resolution with propositions and recommendations from forum participants which will be sent to special-purpose committees of Upper and Lower Houses of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, relevant ministries and institutions for transport legislation advancement.

Organizing committee
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