GlobalPORT-2009 «St.Petersburg — the Sea Capital of Russia. Transport and transit potential»

The Second International conference “St. Petersburg — the Sea Capital of RUSSIA. Transport and Transit Potential” was held on September 22-23, 2009 in St.-Petersburg, hotel Corinthia

The event, organized within the framework of the “United Russia” Party Project “St. Petersburg — the Sea Capital of RUSSIA” and the 200th anniversary of the transport department and transport education creation, has been devoted to the development of the transport and logistical infrastructure in all regions of Russia and to the attraction of the transit goods traffic on territory of the country.

Salutatory words to the participants of the conference have been made by Igor Levitin, the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation, Arthur Chilingarov, the Coordinator of the Project “St. Petersburg — the Sea Capital of RUSSIA” and Sergey Jurpalov, the deputy Minister of the regional development. The reports have been presented by Pavel Borodin, the state secretary of the union state of Russia and Byelorussia, Igor Mikhalchuk, the governor of the Arkhangelsk region, Roman Kopin, the governor of the Chukotka Autonomous District, representatives of administrations from St.-Petersburg, the Leningrad region, the Murmansk region, the Komi Republic and the Perm Territory, etc.

It has been noted at conference that modernization of Russia’s economy depends directly on the introduction of the united national transport and logistical system. Only in this case the state territorial integrity will be provided, the country regions will be included into the united economic and defensive space, the exits to the raw-material bases will be opened and there will be a possibility of the far removed territories’ complex development. The key role in this process is played by the transport corridors, including the Northern Sea Route.

The participants of the conference have come to a conclusion about the necessity of the Federal Target Program for decision of the major problem - the Northern Sea Route restoration. The program should include special actions for the regional infrastructure development and the human resource maintenance of the new transport objects, located on the territory of this transport corridor. According to the participants, the working groups cooperation of the “UNITED RUSSIA” party project “St.-Petersburg – the sea capital of RUSSIA” and the projects “Northern sea Route – the national transport artery of Russia”, “The Infrastructure of Russia” will form a basis for the generation of the conceptual issues of this Federal Target Program and will make possible the development of necessary measures for its realization.

At the «Transport and transit potential» conference there have been also discussed the largest infrastructural projects which are carrying out in the regions of the Russian Federation. Among them there are the "Belkomur" project, the development of the St.-Petersburg transport-logistical complex, the Murmansk transport hub, the «China-Russia (Skovorodino-Tiksi)» corridor formation in Republic Sakha (Yakutia), etc.

Within the framework of the conference the thematic round-tables in three directions – automobile transportation, railway and sea cargo transportation - have been organized. During the sessions special attention was given to the perspectives of the self-regulation institute’ development.

At the round-table, devoted to the automobile transportation, there were discussed the questions, concerning the necessity of the federal law project acceptance "About the alteration of the separate federal laws in connection with the establishment of the carriers’ self-regulated organizations (SRO) institute", that has being on consideration in the State Duma. The Deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation Nickolay Ljamov has declared the formation of the expert working group, together with the State Duma, in reference to the discussion of the SRO activity concept in Russia.

During the maritime transport round-table the main problems of the self-regulation in the sphere of the sea and river transport were observed. Among them there was the necessity of decrease in superfluous control function of the state, the definition of the special authority in registration of self-regulated organizations because of getting the SRO status by the leading branch noncommercial organizations. In the course of discussion there was confirmed the importance and the necessity of the activity continuation of the interdepartmental working group, generated at the State Duma for the principles development of self-regulation in transport sphere, etc.

At the round-table devoted to the basic aspects of the railway cargo transit organization, the key problems of the sphere were discussed. Among them there was the reforming of the transport market of and, according to it, the necessity of changes in the system of all relations on the railway, modification of the existing legal framework. The participants of discussion also have expressed their opinion concerning the SRO creation and the problems that will face to them.

The conference has united more than 200 transport market members from the 20 subjects of the Russian Federation, from Scandinavia and the Baltic. According to the participants, the event has given an opportunity to analyze the key problems of transport and logistic branches and work out the effective measures of the Russia’s transit potential realization. The discussion of the most urgent questions will be continued at the III International conference “St. Petersburg — the Sea Capital of RUSSIA. Transport and Transit Potential” that will be held in September, 2010.

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