With the support from St. Petersburg Administration ST. PETER LINE Company is successfully reviving the ferry transportation program.
ST. PETER LINE Company is a St. Petersburg ferry operator whose fleet includes two first-class ships Princess Maria and Princess Anastasia. The company runs regular cruises along St. Petersburg Stockholm Tallinn and St. Petersburg Helsinki lines. Ferry transportation organized by ST. PETER LINE Company is one of the most significant steps in developing relations between Russia and Baltic countries as well as the first step towards reviving Russian passenger ship service. The great interest from both Russian and foreign tourists contributes to strengthening cultural, trade and economic relations between Russia, Sweden and Estonia. The operation of the two ferry routes connecting the Northern capital of Russia with major Scandinavian cities will allow St. Petersburg to attract about three hundred thousand additional tourists in 2011.




JSC Audit-Consulting Group Business Systems Development (RBS) is a leader in the professional services market in Russia. Company offers a variety of expert services to meet their clients needs in a challenging business environment. With offices across the country including the Northwest (Saint-Petersburg), Siberia (Novosibirsk and Omsk), Uralsky (Tyumen), Privolzhsky (Nizhny Novgorod and Izhevsk) and the Southern Federal Districts (Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don) RBS can service their clients in an efficient manner. RBS also provides consulting services internationally to foreign companies seeking to do business in Russia.



Soltrade - is the exclusive partner of the project St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of RUSSIA in information support in Italy. The company is a professional in promoting Italian companies and technologies in Russia in the sphere of ecology, security, transportation, real estate, interior design and tourism. In addition, it organizes and implements projects, media events, expeditions within the framework of the International Association of polar explorers.



Arctur Travel Ltd is the leading Shore Excursion Operator in St.Petersburg, providing ground services for cruise ship passengers. The company was founded in 1990. Arctur Travel Ltd provides services for a substantial number of cruise and tourist companies.
Over the last 13 years, we have serviced over 1.600.000 customers.



Russian cruises is one of the largest shipping companies in North-West region. It was founded in September 28, 2000. The main company's asset is a fleet which consists of high-speed and displacement vessels. It makes it possible to realize a large number of tourism programs and provide a high level of service on board comfortable ships. Since its foundation new service standards for urban and cruise fleet were laid. More than fifteen routes in the river Neva, the Gulf of Finland and on the waterways of the North-West Russia in whole were restored. The complex modernization of fleet in accordance with modern requirements of safe navigation and comfort was carried out.



The Union of construction associations and organizations was established in 2002. Using direct and associative membership it includes more than 2,000 construction companies of various sizes. The entry of new companies into the Union is continuing.

The supreme organ of the Union of construction associations and organizations is the General Members Assembly. Its terms of reference cover the identification of the Union priority activities and the principles of formation and use of the property.

The Presidium is standing collegial governing body of the Union. It consists of the heads of subindustry professional associations which are founders of the Union. The Presidium is headed by the President Roman Filimonov who is the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg. Chief Executive Director is Oleg Britov.




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