III International conference
«St. Petersburg — the Sea Capital of RUSSIA. Sea Tourism»

7-8 July 2011
July 7

Saint Petersburg
Venue:  Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya (Korablestroiteley street, 14)


Registration of participants
Opening of the specialized exhibition “Sea and river tourism”
Coffee break


Opening speeches:

Boris Gryzlov
Chairman of the UNITED RUSSIA Party Supreme Council

Àrtur Chilingarov
Bureau Member of the UNITED RUSSIA Party Supreme Council, Coordinator of the Project “St. Petersburg — the Sea Capital of Russia”

Vadim Tulpanov
Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Director of the UNITED RUSSIA Party Project “St. Petersburg — the Sea Capital of Russia”

Vitaly Mutko
Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth policy of the Russian Federation

Victor Basargin
Minister of Regional Development of the Russian Federation


Plenary session I


Moderator: Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth policy of the Russian Federation. 
Analyses of priorities of governmental support included in the Concept FTP “Development of domestic and incoming tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2016)” and other federal, regional special-purpose programmes. Priorities of governmental support in the sphere of water tourism development in the mid-term.
Speaker: Nadezhda Nazina, Deputy Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth policy of the Russian Federation

State policy quoad development of water transport in Russia
Speaker: Victor Olersky, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

Issues of distribution of authorities between the Federation and the subjects in the sphere of the governmental regulation of tourist activity
Speaker: Victor Usachyov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Federation Affairs and Regional Policy

Fulfillment of the North and Far East tourist potential, including Arctic and fishery tourism for purpose of the social and economical development of the north and east regions - legislative aspect
Speaker: Valentina Pivnenko, State Duma Committee on North and Far East Regional Affairs

Legislative regulation of the water tourism development in whole and fishery tourism particularly taking into account the amendments to the Federal Law “On amateur and sport fishery”
Speaker: State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Natural Management and Ecology

Preservation problems of aquatic bioresources and their environmental conditions in the course of organization and realization of water tourism, amateur and sport fishing
Speaker: Federal Fishery Agency

Realization of “The Strategy of Russian Ports Marine Infrastructure Development” – new possibilities for tourist industry development Speaker: FSUE “Rosmorport”

Synchronizing problems of sea port infrastructure development strategy with other industry-specific programmes of sea regions’ long-term development in Russia.
Speaker: JSC Audit-Consulting Group Business Systems Development (RBS)

Ferry traffic revival: role and importance in the history of relations between the countries of the Baltic Sea basin
Speaker: St. Peter Line Ferry Company

Development of cooperation between Russia and foreign countries in the water tourism sphere as a factor of interstate socio-economic and cultural intercourse strengthening
Speakers: Consulates General (Poland, Azerbaijan)



Press conference
Coffee break


Plenary session II


Formation of tourist and recreational clusters as a method of tourism activity stimulation and regulation
Speaker: Aleksandr Victorov, Deputy Minister of Regional Development of the Russian Federation

Modern passenger port: experience of cooperation with the cruise market participants
Speaker: Shavkat Cary-Niyazov, President of Marine Facade company

Tourism development abroad: international experience in implementing of integrated modernization projects within the development of coastal areas

Priorities of water tourism development in subjects of the Russian Federation. Increasing tourist attraction to coastal areas – the regional aspect. Presentation of regional programmes.
Speaker: Alexandr Chepic, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia on the economical development
Speaker: Oleg Dementyev, Minister of Sport and Tourism, Astrakhan Region

World cruise market potential assessment

Promising directions and opportunities for the new ferry lines opening in the Baltic and Far East basin
Speaker: AS Tallink (Estonia)

River tourism in Europe: experience of the river cruises expansion and waterways development
Speaker: IG RiverCruise (Switzerland)

Promising directions and opportunities for new ferry lines opening in the Baltic and Far East basins

Russian tour operators increasing competitiveness in the Russian and international markets

Differentiation of proposals for various categories of tourists. Results of marketing research
Speaker: OOO “Metropolis-Tour”

Possibilities and suggestions of the northern territories for the Arctic cruise tourism development

Russian waterways: current condition, problems and solutions

Key issues in the development of yachting: Russian and international experience

Opening of the inland waterways of Russia for the ships flying the foreign flags: advantages and disadvantages

Construction of yacht clubs and marinas as a priority in development of yacht industry in Russia

Coastal areas’ integrated development as a condition for tourist industry development

Cruise market investment attractiveness





Working session I


Moderator: St. Peter Line Ferry Company

Prospects of Russian sea passenger fleet modernization

Ways of development of modern Russian design and construction market for small vessels

The problem of national shipbuilding support and financial mechanisms of its solutions: subsidies, assistance in shipyards’ modernization and restructuring, lightweight system of taxation, custom tariffs reduction.

Purchasing a vessel on credit. Overview of current proposals for buying water transport at the Russian lending market

Analyses of the current cartography condition for sea and river navigation. Problem of providing ships with modern navigation-cartographic systems.

New generation of navigation systems for cruise fleet and small-sized vessels

The issues of Cartographic service development for small-sized vessels

Use of up-to-date satellite navigation technologies for the cruise ships security provision

Monitoring systems for cruise ships with the use of satellite technologies

Equipping of existing and newly built ships with radio navigation. New proposals on the market: chart plotters, echo sounders

On-board communication: satellite communication systems and solutions for access to satellite broadband communication channels at sea

Peculiarities of liability insurance of ship owners and small-sized vessels. Overview of insurance risks

Regulation of tariffs and charges on inland waterways


Working session II  


Evaluation of waterways’ and hydraulic structures’ current condition

Innovative solutions for building hydraulic structures that are necessary for functioning of passenger fleet

Challenges to dredging. Prospects of dredging fleet updating

New technologies of dredging and shore protection works. Successful use experience

The necessity of dredging and coast-protecting work performance. Experience of successful application of new technologies

Coastal areas: planning, building and development
Speaker: Research and Design Institute of Town Building 

Measures of state support for the building sector. Imposition of favourable tax regime

International experience in implementing integrated infrastructure projects aimed at coastal areas formation

Prospects for implementation of projects on basis of public-private partnership in the sphere of coastal infrastructure construction

The concept of socio-economic development of near-port territories and coastal infrastructure. Modern design requirements

Issues of the coastal infrastructure readiness to the cruise tourists increase within the framework of the international navigation agreements implementation (after the example of the agreements between Poland and Lithuania)

Coastal infrastructure condition, its readiness to increase in the number of the cruise tourists

Provision of the extra facilities as a condition of incoming yacht tourism development (after the example of the border crossing Rybachiy – Nida in the Couronian lagoon)


Working session III


Moderator: Federal Tourism Agency

Prospects of the tourist services quality improvement under condition of new technical regulating (State standard specification of the Russian Federation –ÃÎÑÒ Ð 50681-2010. Tourist services. Service design for tourism)

Prospects of new and challenges of the developed water tourist destinations: On the Arctic and water tourism in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District
Speaker: Stepan Demidenko, first Deputy Director of Tourism Department, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District Prospects of the underwater tourism development in the Russian Federation

Problems and prospects of the water tourism development at the territory of Vologda Region
Speaker: Vladimir Osipovsky, Head of Tourism Department, Vologda Region

Chukotka - the territory of discoveries
Speaker: Irina Ryabukhina, Chairman of the Committee of Sport and Tourism, Chukotka Autonomous District

Prospects of the underwater tourism development in the Russian Federation
Speaker: Sergey Cobylyansky, ZAO “Baltic sea society”

Prospects of the sea tourism development on the Specially Protected Natural Areas of federal significance
Speaker: Evgeniya Filippova, Councilor of the State Policy and Regulation in the environment protection sphere and ecological security Department of Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia

Scientific and technical achievements as the ground for the new cruise route creation
Speaker: the St. Petersburg Society for Surveying & Mapping

Prospects of the sea tourism development on the Specially Protected Natural Areas of federal significance
Speaker: Evgeniya Filippova, Councilor of the State Policy and Regulation in the environment protection sphere and ecological security Department of Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia

Situation analysis on the cruise industry experts labour market

Professional qualification of the sea and river cruise ships crews, surface transport staff, guide interpreters, guides in compliance with the international service standards
Speaker: Guide Intour

Training level of skippers and cruise crews on ships, ferries, boats and yachts in compliance with the international standards

Marketing features of development of sea and river tourism programme. Analysis of consumer preferences
Speaker: Olympia-Reisen Gmbh (Germany)

Psychological portrait of the cruise voyager: how to attract tourists?
Speaker: OOO “Metropolis-Tour”

Information technologies in tourism industry: reservation systems and access to databases

Tourism without risk. Features of cruises insurance: insurance products for travelers and tour organizers

Security on board: prevention of accidents and actions during emergency situations. Experience of assistance companies in settlement of insurance events on popular tourist destinations
Speakers: Global Voyager Assistance, Europe Assistance CIS

Legal and ethical issues of the Arctic tourism
Speaker: Nikolay Grigoryev, professor of the Technical Means of Navigation subdepartment of the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy

Means of technological protection of water transport facilities, ports and passengers

Safe and qualitative transport services rendering: issues of coordination between tourist market and government bodies activity
Speaker: Yury Veykov, Chairman of the Management of the Russian cities taxi Association

Tourist bus fleet condition and creation of conditions for its development. Financial mechanisms of modernization and bus fleet replenishment
Speaker: Arctur Travel Company


Moderator: Federal Fishery Agency

Prospective direction for water tourism development: fishing sport and amateur tourism

Legal basis for fishing tourism. Potential of the draft of Federal law “On amateur and sport fishing” for tourist fishing development

The problem of Russian water resources availability for sea fishing development. Prospects of incoming fish-tourism development

Current condition of aquatic bioresources in Russia. Basic principles of State policy in the aquaculture sphere

International experience in sea fishing organization: analysis of main competitive advantages

Peculiarities of incoming fish-tours organization: fish-tours to the Baltic, Nordic, Mediterranean, Black seas, lake and river fish-tours to Europe

Fishing license as a financial tool of industry development. International experience in managing with the issue of licensing

New offers on the market of outfit and equipment for fish-tourism

19:00 - 22:30

Evening reception on behalf of the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matviyenko

July 8


Transfer from Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya

10.30 – 11.00

River cruise on “Meteor” to Petergof

11.00 - 13.30






14:30 - 15:30

15:30 - 16:00

Cultural program in the State Museum Reserve “Petergof”

Visiting of the Grand Palace - main building of the Petergof palace and park ensemble, summer residence of the Russian emperors

Tour of the Grand Cascade grottoes – main facility of the grandiose fountain system of Petergof

Visiting of the Lower Gardens - palace and park complex, famous for its architectural monuments, fountains and sculptural decorations

“Meteor” departure in St. Petersburg


Transfer in Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya


* Programme may be changed

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