GlobalPORT-2014 "St-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia. Ecology"

On the 27th-28th of February 2014 the V International Forum Ecology will take place in Saint-Petersburg within the UNITED RUSSIA Party Project Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia. The event will be the starting point of the International Project Gulf of Finland Year 2014 in Russia and will be dedicated to the performance of efficient strategies directed to the sustainable development of the Gulf of Finland and other Russian bodies of water.

Plenary sessions, conferences and round tables on legal and regulatory framework of the environmental activity control in the water resource sphere, lowering industry impact on water disposal system, supplying quality drinking water to the public; sewage treatment, reduction of the envirunmental damages to basins in the course of maritime and port activities will be discussed in the business programme of the Forum. The theme of ecology of the Gulf of Finland will have a special place in the Forum. Participants will discuss the collaboration experience of Russia, Finland and Estonia to provide environmental protection of water resources and also business activity, recreational opportunities and business activities, recreation resources and sustaining of bio- and geodiversity in the Gulf of Finland: balance of interests.

In conjunction with the business programme of the Forum the major exhibition will take place where international and regional innovative projects in the sphere of protection of the environment, technogenic pollution clean-up, housing and communal sector, safety development of natural resources, technologies of environmentally safe of water and sanitation will be come under review.

The Forum will be supported and participated by Minictry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation, Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Transport of thr Russian Federation and other profile ministries and agencies. It is expected that in 2014 about 600 delegates from federal and regional goverments bodies, commercial and non-profit organizations of 50 regions and 30 foreign countries will take part in the Forum and more than 10000 people will attend the exhibition.

The Forum will be resulted in resolution with proposals and recommendations which will be directed to the profile committees of the Upper and Lower Chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and be delivered by hand to Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister and the President of Party UNITED RUSSIA in order to improve the legislative base and goverment control of water resources.

To participate at the Forum we invite cargo owners, transport and logistics companies, sea and river ports, oil and gas production enterprise, organisations of city communal services, developers ans manufacturers of water cleaning, shpere of eco-services (insurance, monitoring, certification, and services), non-profit organizations, higher education institutions and others.

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