Exhibition sectors

Water treatment and purification, industry and civil

filtration systems
chemical agents
bio purification technologies
water softening and desalination
recycling water supply
drinking water post-purification devices

Water supply and sewerage systems

pump equipment
pipes and pipe valves, fittings
design and installation
automated control and management systems

Control and monitoring

control and metering devices
analytical and laboratory equipment
water metering devices and technologies

Water emergency response and recovery design and construction

water reservoirs
water treatment facilities







Aims of the participation in the exhibition

The main peculiarity of the exhibition is its multitasking. The participation in the exhibition allows finding new solutions in the business sphere. Industrial exhibitions are the most effective way for customer acquisition in b2b format. It is known that exhibition contacts increase chances to buy by 34 % thanks to the psychoemotional factors.

The main purposes of the participation in the exhibition

  • assert oneself
  • find new clients
  • cooperate with new clients
  • renew contacts
  • make contacts with VIP clients (government institutions, branch organizations, professional associations and so on)
  • keep up to date base
  • show the product or services to the target audience
  • estimate the competitiveness of the product or service
  • find new trade channels
  • influence on the target audience
  • strengthen the company reputation in the market
  • lead the competitive struggle
  • examine the business activity of opponents
  • get information about the market
  • be in the new market
  • conduct marketing researches
  • get or strengthen the expert status in the professional and client sphere
  • participate in the widespread business programme
  • give seminars for the clients and partners
  • find new distributors
  • make contacts with the representatives of the branch and business media

Target audience

The participation in the exhibition Ecology is an excellent way for a business strategy of companies interested in the strengthen of their positions in the market, find new clients, make contacts with government institutions, branch organizations, professional associations and units. It can be possible thanks to the target audience of the exhibition Ecology and participants of the Forum, such as specialists, chief executives of branch holding companies and also representatives of the federal and regional authorities. According to the last statistics 73 % of the congress participants were general managers and representatives of top-management. Thanks to a wide range of geography of participants and variety of their branches the exhibition area becomes the place for the business cooperation between all entities interested in the environment safety. This fact also gives companies worked in the sphere of the environment protection an opportunity to present their new solution to the environment protection and their products to the potential partners.

The geography of the participants

Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region - 38%; Moscow - 20%; regions of the Russian Federation - 34%; foreign countries - 8%.

Exhibition participants

Implementers and producers of water conditioning and purification, producers of engineering and pumping equipment, producers of chemical agents, providers of control and measurement instrumentation, organizations in the sphere of the environment-oriented sphere, companies providing water protection, improving the quality of drinking water, sustainable companies in the sphere of water resources, branch media, associations.

Exhibition visitors

Federal and regional authorities, industries, Municipal Enterprise of Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment, public agencies and associations, engineering and construction organizations, water infrastructure, research institutions, producers of water conditioning and purification , waste recycling, equipment and technologies for environmental damage prevention, educational institutions.

Advertising campaign of the exhibition

Advertising campaign of the exhibition is directed to the attraction of target audience branch specialists

Print media

Ads in over 60 print media, total print 1 500 000 copies.
Distribution of invitation tickets vie print media, over 5,000 tickets

Internet - portals

Placement of advertising materials on dedicated and business federal and regional Internet portals, over 200 000 exposure per week.
Internet promotion via major search engines such as Yandex and Google.


E-mail newsletter, over 30 000 addresses
Distribution of free invitation tickets for experts, 5 000 mailing addresses
Distribution of invitation tickets to participants and partners for invitation their clients to the exhibition, over 10 000 tickets


Over 5 000 calls via Forum operator data base

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising at airports and train station in large Russian cities.


Programmes at federal and regional TV channels.

Development of an exclusive stand

Offer you to use the service of our company to develop individual stands
The main functions of an exhibition stand:
- demonstration of your product or service advantages
- attract attention - make advertising impact
- correspond to your company style
- provide guests with the comfortable work
We take into account all factors influenced on the efficiency of your companys participation in the exhibition during the development of a design layout.
Business-class stand (3 000 - 10 000 rub./ sq.)
Premium-class stand (10 000 - 15 000 rub./ sq.)
Exclusive stand (from 15 000 rub./ sq.)
Please, if you need some additional information or you want to order your own individual stand, connect with:
Vladimir Vorotyncev,
Director of the Department
Tel.: +7 (812) 327-93-70
e-mail: vladimir@confspb.ru


Conference Point is the team of specialists who can find appropriate solutions for all problems: from conceptual design of an international forum to its realization and organization of annual events. If you have some questions to the participation in the exhibition, you can contact with:
Director of the exhibition
Vladimir Vorotyncev
Tel./fax: (812) 327 93 70, ad. 263
Mob.: +7 911 111 69 77

Project managers
Ekaterina Kalinina
Tel./fax: (812) 327 93 70, ad. 269
Mob.: +7 953 361 26 67
Vasiliy Tkachev
Tel./fax: (812) 327 93 70, ad. 159
Mob.: +7 911 827 30 10


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