Nikolai Valuev headed the direction "Ecology" of project "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia".

In April, 2016 the direction "Ecology" of “United Russia” project "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia" was headed by new manager, deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Valuev.

The MP stressed that the issues of improvement of Russian ecology are among the priority state tasks. "I think the work of the federal infrastructure project "St. Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia" in the direction of facilitating the improvement of environmental protection measures is very important and timely," - said Nikolai Valuev.

Annual International Forum "Ecology", held in the framework of the party project, has established itself as one of the largest and the most qualified sites that contribute the improvement of legislation and the development of measures in the field of water resources and the formation of an effective waste management system. During the six years since the existence of forum there were developed more than 600 initiatives. The most actual proposals have gotten the support of relevant authorities vested by legal regulation in the sphere of reseach, using, reproduction and protection of natural resources.


The International Forum “Ecology” will handle issue of household and industrial wastes

Governance of the project “St. Petersburg – sea capital of Russia” decided to exceed the scope of water topic of the International Forum “Ecology” including issues of solid waste in the business programme of the Forum. Widening of the business programme is driven by the fact that wastes are became one of the most important ecological problems. Volume of the produced wastes which have negative impact on the human health has increased.

In particular, in the framework of the Forum implementation of the FL N 458 will be discussed. Main demand of the document is to conserve modern tariffs on the waste disposal and selection of regional operator for a term of 10 years. This operator will be assigned with function of collection, treatment, detoxification and burial of municipal solid waste. Mikhail Slipenchuk, deputy chairman of the State Duma committee on Natural resources, noticed that this law was absolutely indispensable. “Before we didn’t have industrial sphere of waste treatment in Russia because we are used to consider litter as a dump. Meanwhile, under condition of correct approach waste recycling can earn profit”.

March 3, in the framework of the International Forum “Ecology” several sections concerning this topical issue. Two parallel working sections will be dedicated to problems of industrial and municipal solid waste, separated round table to using of waste as recyclable materials. In the framework of the programme prospects of the economic mechanisms concerning waste burial and their recycling will be discussed. Forum participants will consider tasks aimed at legislation advancement in sphere of waste treatment. Great importance will be attached to order of licensing activity on waste treatment.




Vomm Company will present their solutions

Show-bench of the Vomm  company will take rightful place in the framework of exhibition of the VII International Forum “Ecology”. "VOMM Impianti å Processi" was created at the end 60-th in Italy at the aim of new or more effective production technologies in food sphere. After that during next several years Turbo technologies has been also implemented in other fields.

Vomm participated in many ecological projects of “Life and Eureca” organized under the auspices of European Union and got several important rewards such as “Technological innovation prize” in Milan (1996 and 1997), “Best ecological project” in Beijing (2010). More than that, Vomm technologies were elaborated for construction of ecological infrastructure of Sochi 2014 Winter Games.

At the end of 2015 Corrado Vezzani, president of the company, will discuss investment ecological project “Drying and dregs thermal recycling on purification plants in Izhevsk”  with a head of Udmurtia Republic. Main goal of the project is to stop filling of sludge pits with hazardous wastes. It is supposed that the project will contribute to waste treatment culture improvement and will guarantee ecological safety of the population.





Representatives of Flottweg will participate in “Ecology” Forum


Flottweg - a German company producing filter equipment which is used during liquid purification, liquids unmixing – will participate in the VII International Forum “Ecology”. Alexey Raskatov, deputy director general will present a paper.

Flottweg is one of the leading companies in sphere of mechanical separation technologies. Decanter, separators and auger extruders produced in Germany are suppositions of high production efficiency and perfect quality of final product. Flottweg equipment works all over the world in petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutic and food industries as well as in sphere of environmental protection and waste water treatment.

Last year the company sent the first waste water treatment small-size unit (decanter). It let separate and dry sludge for not to pollute surrounding grounds and water objects. Flottweg is ready to propose full range of services from designing to unit maintenance.




Principle of BAT allows improving ecological situation

Main goals of the state politics in sphere of environmental protection will become a central topic of the plenary session of the VII International Forum "St-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia. Ecology". Representatives of federal and local authorities will present reports on the event. Participants will discuss prospects of BAT principle implementation.

March 2014, FL concerning refusal of outdated and unworkable technologies and transition to BAT principle was passed. It has complex nature and includes several innovations. In particular, classification of the enterprises an statuary regulation based on this classification. It will let distinguish enterprises which has the largest negative impact on the environment. Such business entities will have to elaborate a programme of ecological efficiency improvement which will contain certain measures.

Such measures will be introduced in a staged manner to let enterprises plan their activity. “From 2015 to 2017 it is necessary to register all enterprises, classify them, publish field BAT guides, and accept bylaws” – said Sergey Donskoy, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin declares 2017 as a year of ecology.  “A lot of ecological norms will come into force. I mean, first of all, regulation of pollution discharge, best available technologies and norms of “About wastes” law” – said Sergey Donskoy.




“Ecopotential M” will present equipment on the forum “Ecology”


Permanent participant of the International Forum “Ecology”, dedicated to issues of ecological safety of water objects of Russia. The company presented a paper “Purification of industrial wastes with floatation” in the framework of the Ecology-2014. One of the main topics of the report concerning sewage treatment was using of flotation plants produced by the company. 

“Ecopotential M” is participating in the VII International Forum “Ecology”. Apart from business programme the company will present a show bench. It will allow to get acquainted with produced equipment in the frame work of the import phase-out programmes.
“Ecopotential M” operating in sphere of producing of waste treatment facilities in Russian regions and States of the former Soviet Union and is one of the leading world producing. “Ecopotential M” presents innovation technologies and modern equipment in sphere of sewage water treatment: pedimental and roller grating, grit basins, SYG Systems, rotator blowers Hydrig, flat modules of ultra filtration, polymer stations enclosed with stainless steel, automatic oil retainers for food services, universal helical-type pumps, which are irreplaceable during pumping of viscous and friable mixtures.

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