GlobalPORT-2014 Saint-Petersburg the Sea Capital of Russia. Manpower Policy

The VII International Conference Saint-Petersburg the sea capital of Russia.
Manpower Policy
November 20-21, 2014, Saint-Petersburg 

No stuff potential no transport sector

November 20-21, 2014 The VII International Conference Saint-Petersburg the sea capital of Russia. Manpower Policy had place in St-Petersburg. Near 300 delegates gathered to participate in a conference to discuss important issues of stuff potential development in Russian transport sector. Government officials, leading experts from neighboring countries and beyond were between participants.

Within a framework of two-day conference plenary sessions on state personnel policy and making up for deficit of qualified stuff in transport sector had place. S.A. Aristov, deputy transport minister, began his speech with words: No stuff potential - no transport sector, and underlined that there was no severe shortage of personnel in the sphere. Road facilities which constitute a part of transport hub are an exception said Sergey Aristov. A. Biserov, deputy director of Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency, presented system of education quality state control.

Situation in labour market and its development were discussed under working sessions divided into sections. Experts and representatives of each kind of transport sector gave the benefit of experience and determine specific steps on stabilization of stuff situation. Nowadays there is no pilot deficit and I dont understand why there is widespread concern voiced about this topic. Air lines need 600 pilots every year, we have 780 per year and this figure is growing up, said O.G. Storchevoy, deputy director of Federal Air Transport Agency, pointed out that a great deal of school leavers are eliminated at the stage of medical board. He underlined that all educational institutions which prepare personnel, are still working and their material and technical resources have advanced. V.D. Kofman, he leading expert of Interstate Aviation Committee on air crash investigation said that decision about foreign pilot reception was rash. Engaging of foreign pilots can lead to local cadre liquidation, he said.

According to D.S. Shakhanov, vice-president on workforce management and social issues of RZD LtD, manpower policy must base on several conditions: competitive wages, education system advance, and development of organizational culture. Water transport specialists subscribed to this statement and underlined that present highly skilled stuff potential preservation is a primary target. In their turn automobile sphere specialists offered to create innovative practice grounds, taking transport characteristic aspects of each region into account.

Seminars and master-classes became an important part of the conference. Experienced consultants told about progressive methods of training, motivation and effectivization of stuff management. Business Assessment Technologies became a partner of one of the seminars.

The resolution with suggestions and recommendation for Russian government will be worked out. Constructive initiatives will be considered during legislative development.


About the project Saint-Petersburg the Sea Capital of Russia

Decision of federal infrastructure project launching was made on united Russia party VII congress in December, 2006.

The project is a social integrator and public auditor of state policy in transport sector and related branches. It is directed practical solutions of certain issues related with transport and transit potential development, safety, staff assistance for transport sector, Russian water objects preservation from anthropogenic effect, improvement of service quality in tourism sector.

The project is a point of contact between different Russian regions which have same problems and also an effective discussion platform for experts of transport, logistics and ecology spheres.

5 large forums are held every year under the project. More than 500 people from all Russian regions, neighbouring countries and beyond participate in them.


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