There is no severe shortage of stuff in transport sector

S.A. Aristov announced this fact on a plenary session “Making up for deficit of qualified stuff in transport sector” on the VII International Conference “Saint-Petersburg – the sea capital of Russia. Manpower Policy” on November 21.

“There is a well-functioning system of stuff stimulation in any field of transport sector”- told Sergey Aristov. Salary of rail road sector personnel is higher than national average. Payment scheme for Russian pilot is equitable with European level. Sea sector uses the practice of school leavers target reception in sea universities. This year 140 agreements for Russian alumnuses recruitment with foreign companies have been completed.

Road facilities are an exception. We can see shortage of qualified personnel in this sector. “In conditions of fast development of new transport hubs road building is badly in need of specialists who answer modern purposes” – underlined deputy transport minister of the Russian Federation.


O.G. Storchevoy will represent stuff politics of Federal Air Transport Agency

O.G. Storchevoy, deputy director of Federal Air Transport Agency, will appear on the “Saint-Petersburg – the sea capital of Russia. Manpower Policy” on November 20-21. A Federal Air Transport Agency representative will estimate level of pilot’s training which influence on passengers and cabin crew safety.

FATA while being in charge of quality workmanship of Russian airlines pays much attention to stuff training advance. Innovative educational programs development, participants in openings of new air training centers and re-attestation of pilots influence for good on air stuff. According to FATA Press Service, almost iron-clad graduate employability and growth in demand for civil aviation specialist are caused by solid grounding and material and technical basis improvent of educational institutions.

M.V. Gubanov, head of flight instruction section, will also participate in a discussion on staffing support of air transport sector.


D.S. Shakhanov will appear on the VII International Conference “Manpower Policy”

D.S. Shakhanov , vice stuff management and social issues president “RZD” LtD, will participate in the VII International Conference “Manpower Policy”.

Dmitry Shakhanov will tell about qualified stuff training features in rail road transport sector as exemplified by “RZD” on a plenary session dedicated to state policy in sphere of stuff training for transport sector. According to vice president, modern conditions requires new demands for young specialists competence. Dmitry Shakhanov underlines that stuff training takes technological innovations and international cooperation development into account.

Also representatives of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection in plenary session of RF, State Duma committee on education and Governement of Saint-Petersburg will participate in plenary session.

Engaging of foreign pilots in Russian civilian aviation

November 20, a topical subject for air transport will be discussed under The VII International Conference “Saint-Petersburg – the sea capital of Russia. Manpower Policy”. Issues of transport sector staff quality will be also touched.

Some years ago specialists began to discuss problem of qualified pilots shortage in our country. There are several reasons of this situation: downsize of flight school alumnuses, increasing demand for air travels, technical facilities renovation of airlines which requires air stuff retraining. At the beginning of 2014  Russian State Duma passed a bill in a first reading to solve current situation. The bill allows foreign pilots to Russian civilian aviation. Deputies put forward an initiative to submit amendments to Aviation Code of the Russian Federation and allow foreign citizens to become members of civilian aviation crew team. According to Sergey  Aristov, deputy transport minister, mostly foreign pilots will work as aircraft commanders. The first foreign pilot was accepted to Russian civil air fleet a month ago.

Miroslav Boychuk, Russian Air Staff Union President, will tell about the consequences and prospects of such innovations for civilian aviation of Russia.


V.D. Kofman will give a report on the VII International Conference “Manpower Policy”

V.D. Kofman ,the leading expert of Aircraft Accident Board of Interstate Aviation Committee, will participate in the VII International Conference “Manpower Policy” which will take place under the project “Saint-Petersburg — the Sea Capital of Russia” on November 20-21 in St-Petersburg.

The working session “Staffing for aviation industry” will gather aviation specialists to discuss important issues of skilled staff training for Russian midair. Vladimir Davidovich will give a report which is made as a very thoughtful analysis of flight accident reasons.

Unfortunately, air disasters are not rare in our days. Vladimir Kofman, competent expert, is one of the first specialists who gives competent feedback and accident assessments. He supposes that crew inaptitude to react on emergencies is the most frequent reason of aeronautic accidents. “There is a deficit of skilled personnel because of different reasons. It is necessary to consider an issue of pilot training program unification for each type of aerial vehicles”, said Vladimir Kofman assessing the modern situation on the aviation labour market.


S.A. Aristov will participate in The VII International Conference “Manpower Policy”

S.A. Aristov , deputy minister of transport, will participate in the first plenary session  where state politics in the field of stuff training for transport sector will be discussed. In one of his interview, Sergey Aristov has underlined that the state needs stuff which will been able to exploit not only present-day equipment but also future technique, state needs stuff trained on the principle of “education ahead”.  “Innovative development of stuff potential will allow to increase labour productivity, quality, decrease staff turnover and, as a result, effectivization of management activity” - deputy minister announced.  Representatives of Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, State Duma committee of education will become his subject peers.

VII International Conference “Manpower Policy” will take place November 20-21 as part of United Russia party project “Saint Petersburg — the Sea Capital of Russia”. The event will ingather more than 300 participants who are interested in solving important problem which hinder development of manpower politics in transport sector. The conference will allow to have a look at relevant information about labour market situation and tendencies, giving the benefit of experience and developing management skills during scheduled trainings and seminars.
Resolution with proposals and recommendations to public authorities will become a main result of a forum.


How to engage skilled staff in transport sector?

You will be able to hear answers on this question during the VII  international conference “Manpower politics” 20-21 November 2014 which will operate under the project of United Russia party “Saint – Petersburg – the Sea Capital of Russia”. Conference participants will find out more about current state and trends of labour market in a transport sector.

Any means of transport is a high threat location for health and safety. Quality of transportation often depends on competency of employees of a transport sector. Good staff recruitment and competent motivation of departmental stuff are the palladium of millions of people. VII international conference “Manpower politics” organizations  are going to not only tell but also show key aspects of stuff management engineering.

The great importance will be attached to trainings and seminars which will allow transport sector representatives to share best practices and improve stuff management skills. Conference participants will be able to investigate effective methods of engagement and retention of stuff, get relevant information about stuff management methods, estimate efficiency of C&B technologies in transport sector. Each master class, prepared by qualified experts, will demonstrate progressive training methods, motivation and effectivization of stuff management. Consideration of contemporary trends in staffing policy contributes to better results of work of personnel departments of transport sector. As part of forthcoming conference the leading specialists will determine prime factors which are influencing on organizational culture, tell about moral encouragement and KPI (key performance indicator) implication.

About 300 delegates from local authorities, commercial and non-commercial organizations of Russia  and countries of the near and far abroad are expected to participate in VII  international conference “Manpower politics”.

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