GlobalPORT-2011 St.Petersburg the Sea Capital of Russia. Manpower policy

On December 15-16, 2011 within the framework of "UNITED RUSSIA" Party Project "Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia" IV All-Russian Conference "Manpower Policy" was held. It was devoted to HR provision for the transport complex of Russia.

Venue of the Conference was Corinthia Hotel St.Petersburg (St.Petersburg, 57 Nevsky Prospect).

The onference brought together representatives of federal and regional legislative and executive authorities, the leading educational institutions, major transport and industrial enterprises, trade unions and associations. They discussed the situation in the training system and issues related to providing industry with qualified professionals.

The first plenary session was devoted to issues of state policy in education. Among them: the modernization of training personnel reserve for the transportation industry - the transition to third-generation state educational standards, creation of scientific and educational systems as a pledge of socio-economic development of Russia's regions, control of the quality of higher and secondary education in the field of transport, management of labor migration; tax and other preferences for employers using the target system training. A separate report was devoted to the formation of an effective mechanism for long-term and medium term planning of training and relevant research across transport industry. These and many other relevant issues were discussed by representatives of relevant ministries and agencies, as well as the Federal Institute for Educational Development. Topical report: Human Resourcing of transport security under the threat of terrorism. Responses to new challenges was presented by Vadim Kashirin, Head of the Transport Management of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the North-West Federal District. Yuri Kotler, Director of "UNITED RUSSIA" Party Project "Candidates Pool - a professional team of the country" told about innovation in manpower policy.

The second plenary session was devoted to issues of integration into the international educational environment as a way of modernization of education. In this part of the conference training for international roads provision with specialists was discussed. Report of Irina Arzhanova, Executive Director of National Training Foundation was devoted to trends in the development of professional education with international context. Expansion of potential of the Russian transport universities as part of the Russian influence on the international level was the subject of the report of the rector of St. Petersburg State University of Water Communications Sergey Baryshnikov. Speakers at the second plenary session included representatives of the administrations of subjects of the Russian Federation, the Russian universities and secondary educational institutions, international professional transport associations, consulting companies, as well as heads of HR departments of large enterprises.

Working sessions of the Conference were structured by types of transport.

"Aviation" session included report of Deputy Head of Federal Air Transport Agency Andrey Belyakov on the subject of state policy in the field of training in aviation sphere. Issues of training and retraining of specialists in the design, maintenance, testing and operation of aircraft was elucidated by specialists of the Moscow Aviation Institute. Also in the aspect of the human factor safety was touched upon. A separate report of Deputy Prime Minister of the Amur Region, Minister for Construction of spaceport "Vostochnyi" Constantine Chmarov was devoted to training in social and demographic problems condition after the example of the construction of Spaceport "Vostochnyi".

Session of sea and river transport was opened by the report "Innovations implementation in training process in the sphere of sea transport: reality or declaration?". An important issue that was discussed at the Conference is training of specialists for the Arctic shelf development and work on the Northern Sea Route. Report Specialists training for transport complex of the Northern territories of Russia was presented by Elena Kudryashova, Rector of Northern (Arctic) Federal University. No less active debate was aroused by the theme "Qualification of service centers personnel as part of the overall safety of Russian seaports". The role of trade unions and its associations in the formation of the labor market was divulged by Chairman of the Seafarers Union of Russia Igor Pavlov. The following problems were also discussed at the session: retraining of crew of sea and river vessels, training ship modernization used in the preparation of specialists, and outline solutions. Provision of maritime universities graduates with social and other guarantees to employ them in the Russian companies was considered.

"Railway" session was opened with report of Deputy Head of Federal Agency for Railway Transport Vladimir Chepets Innovative technologies in the educational system of rail transport. Then maintenance of HR through the implementation of major projects in railway transport after the example of program "Belkomur" was discussed. Also delegates talked about reasonability of placement of graduates in railway industry and scholarship programs for students as a tool of manpower policy. Problems of personnel training to work underground were one more topic for discussion.

Road session was opened with report of Deputy Head of Federal Highway Agency Eugene Dietrih about project of road sector of the Russian Federation reformation concept and its reflection in manpower policy of enterprises. Then participants talked about the interaction between the SROs and government agencies in order to improve the professional development of road sector. Prospects of the development of vehicles drivers training and strategic objectives and innovations were aloud by Tatyana Shutyleva, President of the Interregional Association of Driving Schools in Russia, Chairman of Federation Council Association of Driving Schools of Russia.

On the second day of the Conference (December 16) two seminars took place at Petersburg State Transport University (St. Petersburg, 113 Fontanka river Embankment).

1. "Development of a strategy in the H.R. management" Presenter: Sergey Snetov, Tutor of Open Business School, business consultant, lecturer of management in the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation; Ivan Govrilov, Tutor of Open Business School.

2. "Determination of the level of transport company staff competence" Presenter: Olga Kopylova, Head of recruiter Office - engineering, logistics, manufacturing, international selection Kelly Services.

The Conference was held with the support and participation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency of Air Transport, Federal Agency of Railway Transport, Federal Highways Agency, and Federal Service for Transport Supervision, Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Federal Service for Labour and Employment.

Also cross-sectoral industry associations and business associations were represented at the event. Among them: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, which consists of 174 territorial chambers of commerce, more than 200 federal and 500 regional business associations and unions; "Business Russia", bringing together the business community of 68 subjects of the federation and 40 sectoral business associations, the Association of Sea Commercial Ports, which includes more than 50 industry organizations and enterprises of sea transport in Russia, self-regulatory organization "Association of Shipping Companies", bringing together 49 shipping and related companies, the International Dangerous Goods & Containers Association (IDGCA) - the only non-governmental organization in Eastern Europe, which had consultative status of the UNECE Expert Subcommittee.

Resolution of the Conference will be sent to the committees of the State Duma, ministries and agencies to improve legislation and government regulation in the human resources policy in transport sector.

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