I International conference AVIATION SECURITY

First International Conference Aviation Security gathered more than 200 participants from more than 30 regions of Russia, countries of near and far abroad

15 April within the framework of cooperative work of the Ministry of Transport of the RF and United Russia Party Project St. Petersburg the sea capital of RUSSIA was held the I International conference Aviation Security. The event gathered more than 200 people from different regions of Russia, countries of near and far abroad. Specialists from profiled ministries and departments, administrations and airports of the country came to St. Petersburg to solve the most urgent issues in aviation security system topic of a current importance by present time.

Since the very morning participants started active work. The conference was opened by Chairman of the State Duma committee on security Vladimir Abdualievich Vasiliev. He had an opening speech on behalf of Coordinator of the United Russia Party Project St. Petersburg the sea capital of RUSSIA Artur Nikolaeich Chilingarov and yield to other conference participants. At plenary sessions took a word representatives of key ministries and departments that cover aviation security issues. Speakers turned special attention of the audience to the fact that construction of the aviation security system is a cooperative work, its results depend on every specialist of the branch. As later announced Vladimir Abdualievich Vasiliev a working group is being formed by present time, it will consist of specialists of all departments and services in charge of transport branch security. This working group will work upon creation of complex transport security program that according to the order of the President of the RF of 31.03.2010 403 On creation of complex system for people safety on transport is planned to be ready by end of July 2010.

At first working session participants discussed aspects of normative-legal base for aviation security and its improvement, cooperation between ministries and departments in protection of civil aviation, arrangement of security at airports and personnel trainings. On end of the session Vladimir Borisovich Chertok mentioned that in spite of aviation normative base being the most strong in transport sphere it requires active work and improvement in all directions.

At last working session spoke specialists of companies and state organizations involved in development of civil aviation protective equipment. Speakers told of readiness of aviation security system to prevention of violations, main directions of development, innovations in this sphere.

One of key ideas delivered by conference participants was that the main point in aviation security is responsibility, and not only of specialists who provide it but of every citizen as well. As said Vladimir Abdualievich Vasiliev: Terror draws off when community and authorities are monolithic.

I International conference Aviation Security will result in Draft Resolution that includes all suggestions and initiatives of the conference participants on improvement of legislative base in aviation security sphere.



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