Address to the participants


Bureau Member of the UNITED RUSSIA Party Supreme Council
First Deputy Head of the UNITED RUSSIA Fraction in the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Dear Colleagues!

Transport strategy of the Russian Federation till 2030 sets integrated tasks for development of the transport sector of the country. Future modernization of this sphere concerns not only issues of material and technical renovation, but also a system of training of specialists who are responsible for further development of the sphere. Taking into account the fact that reforming transport sector may take several decades, the government should already consider prospects of training of high quality personnel that will be competitive at the international market.

This year the III All-Russian conference Manpower Policy aims at working out a strategy for optimization of collaboration between educational establishments, state organizations and commercial enterprises of transport sphere for the purpose of personnel training and effective implementation of the principles of the Strategy.

System of transport education should become more flexible to meet the needs of the sphere and market and introduce innovative technologies into educational and working process. Only those specialists who are professionally competent, experienced and constantly improving their qualification will be capable of implementation and control of transport large-scale projects on every stage of preparation, production and operation of the rolling stock and the attendant infrastructure.

I invite you to discuss issues of personnel training for the transport sphere in Russia at the conference St. Petersburg the Sea Capital of RUSSIA. Manpower policy.



Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Head of the UNITED RUSSIA Party Project St. Petersburg the Sea Capital of RUSSIA

Dear colleagues!

St. Petersburg is the largest transport center of Russia. Thus, special attention is paid to quality of training transport specialists.

Today the issue of reforming field education in Russia is topical. The transport branch needs professionals in sphere of security, logistics and development of public transport systems. Strengthening of the system of primary and secondary professional technical education, training of specialists of popular professions is also necessary. The process of harmonization of correspondence of employers demands to the level of professional competence of the graduates by means of retraining and advanced training of specialists at their working places, actively develops. Thus, our main task is to carry out analysis of the labour market and further education of specialists in popular professions with account for long-term prospect of development of the transport field and employers demands.

III All-Russian conference St. Petersburg the Sea Capital of RUSSIA. Manpower Policy is the event at which representatives of federal authorities, educational establishments and heads of transport companies will be given an opportunity to discuss crucial issues of field education. I believe that decisions made at the conference Manpower Policy, will contribute to forming a more advanced system of transport education that will allow training highly qualified personnel for transport enterprises of Russia.




Dear friends!

Im glad to greet the participants of the III All-Russian conference St. Petersburg the Sea Capital of Russia. Manpower Policy.

Experience of holding the conference, in which leading specialists of the transport sphere and authorities and businessmen from different regions take part, showed that open discussions on the interdepartmental level allow finding effective solutions of personnel issues of the branch faster.

Today active reforming of the personnel training system for the transport sector takes place. This year the conference participants will discuss prospects of orientation of the professional technical education for the needs of the branch with account for real needs of the labour market.

Issues raised at the conference are highly important for St. Petersburg the largest transport and industrial center of Russia. In our city considerable experience in professional education organization for a lot of spheres of economy including the transport branch, is gathered. We improve not only the personnel training system, but material and technical base of educational establishments as well.

I wish to the conference participants fruitful discussions, successful work and the brightest impressions from the meeting in the Northern Capital.




Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation supports the III All-Russian conference St. Petersburg the Sea Capital of RUSSIA. Manpower Policy that raises crucial aspects of training transport specialists. The transport sphere of Russia needs highly qualified specialists.

We should take into consideration development of transport branches and determine prospects of shifting to more qualified level of training personnel for the transport field with account for real needs of the labour market.

Cooperation of the state with business in the transport sphere plays an important role in the process of creating the state order for personnel. Forms of public-private partnership between educational establishments, employers and students future specialists, should be developed.

Investments to education of the future worker, provided by the target contract training, should become common for the employer because it will be useful in his further work at the enterprise.

I wish fruitful work to the participants of the conference!




Thank you for your invitation to take part in the III All-Russian conference St. Petersburg the Sea Capital of RUSSIA. Manpower Policy.

In conditions of reformation and modernization of rail transport RZD JSC pays special attention to work with personnel. Wise staff policy is the basis for effective work of the whole transport complex. Today there is a need in real professionals, initiative people, devoted to their business and capable of solving innovational tasks.

Integration of the educational process with science and labour market is of special significance for us. Our company has been collaborating with university complexes of means of communication for a long time already. Thus, students are provided an opportunity to acquire practical skills at their working places, do their term projects and thesis works, receive support in the form of state grants and grants of RZD JSC.

I believe that this experience will be useful in other branches of economy, but it is not enough already. For the purpose of improvement of work for development of human resources it is necessary to form a complex approach to development of the transport education system, create conditions for support of educational and scientific establishments and increase of popularity of working professions.

Initiatives worked out together with legislative and executive bodies, universities and employers are necessary in order to solve these tasks.

I believe that these and other crucial issues will be raised and effective solutions will be selected at this conference.

I wish fruitful work, constructive ideas and initiatives to all the participants of the event!




Allow me to invite you to discussion of the issues of training personnel for the transport field at the III All-Russian conference St. Petersburg the Sea Capital of RUSSIA!

I consider that it is very important that all the interested parties will participate in the event representatives of executive and legislative bodies, business and educational and scientific spheres. This will allow discussing all the crucial issues of training specialists for the transport branch including issues of restructuring of the field education, its quality control and professional retraining.

I wish successful work and new creative achievements to the participants of the conference! I hope that constructive discussion of the whole range of the issues of training personnel for the transport sphere will take place at the event and solutions and initiatives will contribute much to development of the Russian education and science.




Dear participants!

Human resources are one of the progress factors allowing the enterprises developing and remaining competitive in the modern world. Thus, issues concerning the manpower policy, demand careful attention from the government and business structures.

Conference St. Petersburg the Sea Capital of Russia. Manpower Policy allows to establish a dialogue between the government authorities and businessmen, in the course of which the main ways of solution of crucial issues and main directions of development of human resources of the country may be determined.

Shtokman Development AG company considers the event to be an important step for implementation of competitive advantages of Russia on the worlds space. Our company tries to pay special attention to intelligent and innovative decisions in sphere of manpower policy. During the period of implementation of the Shtokman project over 10 thousand new jobs will be created. Thus, the issues of personnel training for work in adverse climatic conditions on the object, strategically important for the country, are of high importance for Shtokman Development AG.

The conference will allow the delegates from all Russian regions to exchange their successful experience of implementation of manpower policy at the enterprises and work out solutions for development and improvement of human resources.

I wish fruitful work to all the conference participants!

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