II International conference «St. Petersburg — the Sea Capital of RUSSIA. Environment»

Venue of the conference — Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg (Nevsky prospect, 57)

17-18 March 2011

March 17


Registration of participants
Coffee break


Opening speech:

Boris Gryzlov,
Chairman of the UNITED RUSSIA Party Supreme Council

Àrtur Chilingarov,
Bureau Member of the UNITED RUSSIA Party Supreme Council,
Coordinator of the Project “Saint Petersburg — the Sea Capital of Russia”

Vadim Tulpanov, 
Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Director of the  UNITED RUSSIA Party Project “St. Petersburg — the Sea Capital of Russia”

Yuri Trutnev,
Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation


Plenary session “Sea environment of Russia: current situation, global prospect”

Russia’s environmental policy to 2030
Speaker: representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation

Law on prevention of oil pollution of seas
Speaker: representative of the State Duma Committee for natural resources and environment

Modernization of the institute of state environmental assessment
Speaker: representative of the Federal Service for Supervision over Natural Resources

Civil society and environment protection policy of Russia
Speaker: representative of the Civil Chamber of the Federal Service for Supervision over Natural Resources

Cross-border collaboration for solution of environmental issues
Speaker: representative of the Federal Water Resources Agency

Environmental aspects of the Transport strategy of Russia to 2030
Speaker: representative of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation

Depletion of fishery resources. Introduction of control over industrial fish capture, tax collection for renters of fishing industries for reproduction
Speaker: representative of the Federal Fishery Agency

Shtokman Development AG environment protection policy. Shtokman project environmental impact
Speaker: representative of Shtokman Development AG

"Nord Stream" pipe line: cross-border energy infrastructure in harmony with the environment of the Baltic Sea
Speaker: representative of Nord Stream AG

Issues of environment pollution with waste of secondary metals in the fear north regions
Speaker: representative of All-Russian public organization "Delovaya Rossia"

Preservation of biodiversity of the marine environment of Russia
Speaker: representative of WWF-Russia


Coffee break
Press conference


Working session I. “Environmental security of oil and gas extraction operations and transportation”

Environmental security of deep sea-bed mining. Well drilling

International experience in solution of environmental issues on shelf exploitation and carbohydrate transportation

Joint project of BP and Rosneft for shelf field development in the Russian Arctic

Lukoil D-6 Platform on the Baltic: experience of shelf exploration without damage to the marine environment

Marine platforms for oil and gas extraction. Construction, installation and maintenance. Environment standards

Emergency oil spill response. Modern technologies

Seismic works on the shelf

Implementation of underwater projects without damage to marine ecosystem

Environmental aspects of functioning of oil-processing plants

Oil-loading fleet: effective methodologies for decrease of environment pollution

Ports and oil-loading terminals. On a way to 100% environment security


Working session II. Part I. “Inland waters. Modernization of the process of waste water purification”

Degradation of small and big rivers in Russia

Ways to prevent environmental disaster on the Volga river. Factors of water level fall

Preservation of ecological balance of the Volga estuary

Environment protection of Baikal lake

Implementation of intergovernmental Russian and Mongolian agreement on protection and management of cross-border waters as a strategic task for preservation of the unique water object of Baikal lake

Environmental issues of the Ob-Irtysh basin

Increase of water intake from the Irtysh river: environment and economic consequences

Issues of stabilization of river bed evolution on Russian-Chinese cross-border waters. Cross-border collaboration

River pollution with agricultural waters containing dissolved high-toxic fertilizers and pesticides

Issue of intensive destruction of brinks of inland waters

Improvement of legislative base of standards and control of waste waters of organizations of water economic complex




Working session III. “Environment of the Baltic and North Seas”

HELCOM Baltic Sea policy. National initiative

Construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline: modern technologies and environmental policy

International collaboration for solution of environmental issues of the Baltic and North Seas

The Baltic and the North Sea – unique eco-systems. Marine reserves

Sunken objects on the bottom of the Baltic and North Seas

Advanced experience of organization of works of rescue of birds in case of oil spills

Baltic and North Sea ports on the way to 100% environmental security


Working session IV. “Environmental state of Arctic and Far East seas”

State policy: implementation of the development strategy of the Arctic to 2020

Arctic as a specific climatic and environmental zone

Creation of a center of the Arctic technologies in St. Petersburg for security provision of the shelf exploitation

Environmental issues of shelf filed exploitation – Stockman gas field, Semakovskoye, Leningradskoye, Rusanovskoye, Dolginskoye and Prirazlomnoye gas fields

Arctic ports activity and navigation on the Northern Sea Route

Current state of environment of the Far Eastern seas

Environment security as the main aim of implementation of the projects Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2

Fishing industry on the Far Eastern seas. Depletion of resources and poaching. Ways of this issue solution


Working session V. “Environment of the Azov-Black Sea and Caspian Sea basins”

Peculiarities of the Black and Azov ecosystems

The Caspian Sea as a specific and fragile ecosystem

Results of state monitoring of water resources in the zone of construction of the Olympic objects in Sochi

Preparation for the Olympic Games 2014, new infrastructural projects of the Krasnodarsky krai and recovery of the Black Sea eco-system

South Stream Gas Pipeline. Environmental issues

Observance of conditions of the Tehran convention for the Caspian Sea marine environment protection

Caspian Sea shelf exploration activity. Suspended oil wells: current condition and prospects/ Filanovsky and Korchagin field development

Fishing industry on the Caspian Sea: issues and prospect


Working session II. Part II. “Inland waters. Modernization of the process of waste water purification”

Pollution of rivers of the Baltic basin: industrial and agricultural effluents

Sewage effluents of cities. Water pollution control facilities in St. Petersburg

Innovative methods of water purification

Environmental policy of large enterprises. Waste recycling and treatment. Reduction of environmental impact

Economic motivation of companies to conduct water purification and construction of local purification facilities

19:00 - 22:30

Evening reception on behalf of the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matviyenko

March 18

10:00 - 13:00

Seminar on environmental policy of industrial enterprises: Best Available Technology (BAT) principle in practice (payments and fines)*

13:00 - 15:00

Entertainment programme. Dinner

* Programme may be changed

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