II International Conference
“St. Petersburg – the Sea Capital of Russia.
Transporting and Transit Traffic Potential”

September 22–23, 2009

First Day, September 22


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B. V. Gryzlov
The Chairman of the “United Russia” Political Party Supreme Council

I. Y. Levitin
Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

À. N. Chilingarov
Bureau Member of “United Russia” Party Supreme Council
“Saint-Petersburg — The Sea Capital of Russia” Project Coordinator

V. I. Matvienko
Governor of the city of St. Petersburg

The Chairman of General court of St. Petersburg


Plenary Session I
The Transport Logistics Complex of Russia:
International and Inland Corridor Routes

The Editor-in-chief of «RZD-partner» magazine

Euro-Asiatic transport system
Speaker: P.P. Borodin,
The State Secretary of the union state of Russia and Byelorussia

The Northern Sea Route is a National transport sea artery of Russia
Speaker: I.F. Mikhalchuk,
The Governor of the Arkhangelsk region

Port Pevek – the strategic transport object on the Northern Sea Route
Speaker: R.V. Kopin,
The Governor of Chukotka Autonomous District

The building concept of the new deep sea port in Arkhangelsk
Speaker: S.G. Molchanskiy,
The Deputy Head of the Administration of the Arkhangelsk Oblast for Building

Murmansk transport nodal point: prospects of development
Speaker: M.A. Kruchinin,
The acting Transport and Communications Minister of the Murmansk Region

The building of the new main line railroad “Solikamsk – Gayny – Syktyvkar – Arkhangelsk” as a part of the “Belkomur” project
Speaker: K. R. Maltsev,
The Minister of Industry and Energy of the Komi Republic

Economic growth of the Perm Krai at the expense of building a modern and cutting-edge transport infrastructure
Speaker: Yu. A. Utkin,
The Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Perm Krai

The «China—Russia» transport corridor (Skovorodino-Tiksi)
Speaker: G.M. Makarova,
The Resident representative of the Sakha Republic (Yakutiya) in St. Petersburg

The realization of major infrastructure projects – Russia’s geopolitical course
Speaker: I.B. Pikan,
The executive director of JSC “Audit-Consulting Group “Business Systems Development”


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Plenary Session II
The Transportation Logistics Complex of Russia: the largest transport hubs of Russia

Moderator: A.I. Solodkiy,
The General Director Research and Design Institute of Regional Development and Transportation (RDIRDT)

The development of transport and logistics complex in St. Petersburg: the results and perspectives
Speaker: N.A. Asaul,
The Chairperson of the Saint-Petersburg Government Committee on Transport and Transit policy

The transport complex of Leningrad region. The strategic infrastructure projects
Speaker: L.V. Terebnev,
The Chairman of the transport and transport infrastructure committee of Leningrad region

The Project of the White Sea deep-sea port complex as a factor providing the more dynamic North Sea Route running
Speaker: A.V. Kyachin,
The executive director of JSC “Belomorsky port”

The project of the Sviyazhsk interregional multimodal logistics center in the Republic of Tatarstan
Speaker: G.E. Emelyanov,
Minister of Transport of the Republic of Tatarstan

The Sochi transport system development in aid of preparation to Olympiad and planning the transport service
Speaker: A.I. Solodkiy,
The General Director Research and Design Institute of Regional Development and Transportation (RDIRDT)

Results of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosmorport" in realization of the Federal target programmes of sea transport development
Speaker: I.B. Artemyev,
The assistant general director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosmorport"

The conception of customs processing and customs control of the goods in the places, which are situated nearby the state boundary of Russian Federation
Speaker: Yu.Yu. Moiseev,
The Deputy chief of the Analytic department of the Federal Customs Department of Russia


Press Conference




Discussion of motor transport cargo traffic problems

the Deputy Minister for Transport of Russia

Moderator: S.E.Shvagerus,
the Director-general of the non-governmental organization “Self Regulatory Association of Motor Transport Carriers of Cargo”

Reorganization in the system of government regulation of motor transport cargo carriers’ activity — developing the self regulatory organization institute as a way of innovative development of motor transport services’ market in new economic conditions

Cargo carriers’ developing and adopting modern entrepreneurship standards and rules regulating relations between a service’s producer and its user, and their constant improvement

Constant and effective control of the observance of the rules and standards and of the federal and branch legislation by the business community itself

Use of disciplinary actions against enterprises in transport branch not observing the standards and rules of cargo carriers

Creating a system of real material liability for the results of the cargo carrier’s activity

Creating a system of professional training of transport enterprises’ specialists and professional motor transport drivers

Providing of adoption and development of innovative technologies of transport service’s production, and transport complex management technologies, first of all the information and technology support

Economic aspects of self regulation adoption in the sphere of transport, minimization of risks when crediting members of self regulatory organizations — cargo carriers, increasing the investing attractiveness of the sphere, updating the rolling stock


Discussion of train cargo carriage problems

Moderator: A.V.Lushnikov,
The Deputy Chief of the Federal Rail Transport Agency

Reorganization of government regulation methods of transportation, assurance of cargo carriage transparence: necessity of self regulative organizations establishing, problems and perspectives

Experience of the nonprofit partnership “The Council of participating operators of railroad rolling stock” in creating a self regulative organization prototype in the railroad service sphere

Methods of retention and increasing capacity of container traffic

Necessity of existing coach and diesel locomotive park’s modernization

View of a railway vehicles’ owner on the cargo carriage situation: opinions, problems and perspectives


Discussion of sea cargo carriage problems

The Deputy Chief of the Federal sea and river transport agency

Moderator: A.V.Lavricthev,
The deputy director of the State policy department in the sphere of marine and river transport of Ministry of Transport of Russia

The Chairman of board of management of Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers

Reorganization of government regulation methods in the sphere of marine and river transport activities: necessity of self regulative organizations establishing, problems and perspectives. The successful activity of noncommercial organizations co-operated the members of the sector, their abilities to provide effective self regulation of the members activity, perspectives of uniting together efforts

Methods of increasing freight turnover in ports of Russia in new economic conditions

Mobilization of cargo traffic in Russian ports. Ports’ infrastructure development

Legislative regulation of sea ports’ functioning. The law “About sea ports”. Necessity of forming subordinate legislative base

Development and modernization of the Russian marine. Russian shipbuilding and taking the ship under the Russian flag

Innovation technologies of minimizing periods of cargo official registration in ports


The guest meeting in the Corinthia Hotel lobby


The buses departure to the evening party


The evening party in Smolny in the name of the Governor of the city of St. Petersburg V.I.Matvienko

Second day, September 23


The guest meeting in the Corinthia Hotel lobby


Visiting of the 10th anniversary NEVA International Exhibition




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